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Choosing Between Foundation Repair or Replacement: Which Is Better?

The home is an owner’s asset and pride. Many individuals wish to own homes where they can raise their families or use as investments. For a comfortable stay, every part of the house should be functional. But, in certain situations, this may not be the case. Take the foundation of the house, for instance. It … Continue reading

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The Matyikos: A Tradition of House Moving Excellence Since 1956

Who are the Matyikos? What is their legacy in the moving industry? How did they get started as house and building movers in Saint Louis Missouri? EHM, the business owned by the Matyiko family, presents you with some interesting facts about the history of this successful business which began its operation in 1956. Who is … Continue reading

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Construction 101: Reasons Why Shoring Needs to Be Done Right

Have you ever wondered how bridges were made? How did the engineers come up with a stretch of concrete perfectly curved and only supported by a few foundations? The secret to that is shoring. Shoring is not only used in bridges. It can also be utilized in temporary support of a structure, a trench, a … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Damaged Foundation?

The most important part of your home is the foundation. Without a strong foundation, your house can crumble away. This is why it is important to maintain and repair it on a regular basis. EHM is not only an exceptional House and Building Movers in Saint Louis, Missouri. We can also provide Foundation Replacement, repairs, … Continue reading

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