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Choosing Between Foundation Repair or Replacement: Which Is Better?


The home is an owner’s asset and pride. Many individuals wish to own homes where they can raise their families or use as investments. For a comfortable stay, every part of the house should be functional. But, in certain situations, this may not be the case.

Take the foundation of the house, for instance. It is a must for your house to be built on a solid foundation. Otherwise, it can collapse, get destroyed, and even injure the occupants. There are many homeowners who, upon finding that the foundation is not as strong as before, will automatically engage the services of house and building movers in Saint Louis Missouri to help them move to a new house.

Instead of moving immediately, there are still two possible solutions you can take. You can either have your foundation repaired or replaced. So, which one should you choose? Which one is better?

Causes of Foundation Damage

Plenty of causes exist as to why the foundation of a structure gets damaged. The most common cause is change in the soil below and around the foundation. Soil changes can affect how stable and strong the foundation is.

Foundation Repair

A contractor will have to evaluate the extent of the damage. In most cases, legit contractors will explain to you the specific reason why the foundation has been damaged and what can be done to correct it. Contractors often make use of special equipment to provide permanent repair solutions. Most repairs will typically last for a day or two, depending on how big the damage is.

Foundation Replacement

If the damage is too severe that repairs will not be possible to correct it, a replacement may be necessary. In this option, the soil around the home is excavated through heavy equipment, leaving the foundation exposed. That means any steps, foliage, garden, and more around the foundation will be removed.

Structural movers in Missouri or other contractors will have to lift the home up with temporary supports to build the replacement. Afterwards, everything will be restored along with those removed steps or foliage, as much as possible.

Which One to Choose?

This totally depends on how damaged your home’s foundation is. The damage will have to be thoroughly evaluated to determine the best option to take.

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