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Construction 101: Reasons Why Shoring Needs to Be Done Right


Have you ever wondered how bridges were made? How did the engineers come up with a stretch of concrete perfectly curved and only supported by a few foundations? The secret to that is shoring.

Shoring is not only used in bridges. It can also be utilized in temporary support of a structure, a trench, a building, or a vessel. This is made possible through the vertical, horizontal, or angled shore that supports the weight of the mentioned structures.

As a respected House and Building Movers in Saint Louis Missouri, EHM believes the importance of shoring. Let us take a look at the 5 reasons why the process should not be taken lightly especially in the construction industry:

  1. It guarantees the safety of the employees.
    The construction industry is a dangerous job. This is the reason why we follow particular dress codes. When we are working on a project that needs to be shored, we need to properly support the soil or the structure to prevent accidents. We consider every employee in our company as a family and whatever happens to them while being with us is entirely our responsibility.

  2. It can save us a lot of time.
    Even if a structure, trench, soil, etc. collapses and no one was caught in the accident, it will still become a wasted time because everyone won’t immediately start where they left off. If shoring is not done properly, all of us go back to square one. And do you want that to happen?

  3. It gives us peace of mind.
    When we work on Foundation Replacement, we know we are tweaking on a structure’s most important part. And if we do, one wrong move can level the house to the ground. A well-done shoring gives us peace of mind as we are certain our employees can successfully do their job without worrying not just about the structure but also their safety as well.

  4. It secures our finances.
    Being Structural Movers in Missouri, we give importance to houses as we save them from the wrecking ball. This is because we value your finances. Every move we do in the construction industry needs to be fueled by money. This is applicable not only for the laborers but also because of the heavy types of equipment we use. A well-executed shoring makes our job easy, safe, fast, and cheap.

  5. It makes the future safe.
    If we want a sturdy finish, we need to have a good foundation for a project. When we do our shoring right, it makes the future of a house, as well as the people calling it home, safe, secured, and strong.

If you are looking for a company that specializes in shoring, EHM got you covered. With years of experience, we guarantee you will receive the finest service available. For more questions about shoring and other construction-related services, leave us a comment.

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