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Foundation Replacement in St. Louis, Missouri

Shoring is an operation where the building is not actually lifted off its foundation but the weight of the home is transferred to steel beams or cribbing. Once the home is shored and weight transferred off the foundation walls, they can be removed to replace or excavate under the home to increase wall height.

This can be done under only a part of your home, such as an addition that has only a short crawl space and you would like to add a full basement.

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Shoring project:

  • Chicago, IL shoring for new 14 foot basment
  • Chicago, IL Shoring for new 14 foot basement
  • House before
  • Image from movie

Completed June 2017

Home featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (movie)

Chicago, Illinois: Shore, Under excavation and foundation replacement

This famous home where a Red Ferarri sped out of the window in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was built on a crawl space foundation. EHM shored and excavated underneath this infamous house to allow for foundation replacement of a 14 foot basement to be poured. It had no basement before. The homeowner now has a full basement with underground parking.