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Foundation Repairs in Missouri

More than nine out of ten homes that we pier, replace walls, or the entire foundation have attempted to be corrected by other foundation repair companies. When you have severe or critical foundation issues, don’t waste your time or money on other foundation repair companies. Those in the KNOW, KNOW to contact EHM – your House and Building Movers in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Chicago, IL shoring for new 14 foot basment
  • House before
  • Chicago, IL Shoring for new 14 foot basement

Completed August 2017

2012 $500K+ Home

Lake St. Louis, MO Piering job

This home, built in 2012, was occupied for one year when the foundation subsided over 3 inches on a hillside. The front porch subsided away from the house 4 inches and the garage similarly sank away 4 inches. After extensive geotechnical soil bearing observations, it was determined the home was built on unsuitable soils.

After 4 years of looking for solutions to the problem and pleas by the City to have the home torn down, EHM was called in to offer a solution. EHM prepared a stamped engineering plan to level the home and install 76 steel push piers to permanently support the home. Once the piers were pushed to refusal, EHM connected its Unified Hydraulic Jacking machine to the piers and raised the home back to level and provided a permanent foundation system for this home.

Every other foundation repair company in the area turned away from the job and said it could not be done.

magnum drawing