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Historical Preservation

We take great pride in our work and are passionate about moving, especially when it comes to saving historical buildings. The list of historical projects Expert House Movers has completed over the years shows the range of possibility that exists when looking to preserve our country’s architectural history.

It’s fitting that the origins of our company in Virginia Beach, VA are not far from that of our country in Jamestown and Williamsburg, VA. Expert House Movers has worked extensively to preserve historical structures in places like Williamsburg, Richmond, Harpers Ferry, Winchester, and our nation’s capital. Some of our historical projects include moving an old masonry train station in Kansas City, MO; a covered bridge in upstate NY; opera theatres in Minneapolis, MN and Detroit, MI; Daniel Boone’s house in MO; 200-year-old white oak trees in Wye, MD and the United States’ first international airport in Newark, NJ visited by Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh.

When you look at America’s rich nautical history, light houses are at the top of the list. When you look into moving a lighthouse, there is no list, there’s only Expert House Movers. No other landmarks are as recognizable, or garner more love and affinity from those that lay eyes on them than America’s light houses.

To date, no other company in the country other than Expert House Movers has been contracted to move any of America’s masonry light houses. At five and counting, we have built a reputation for precision, reliability, and having the team and the tools necessary to overcome any obstacles. We also have experience where it counts to make government and private contractors confident enough to let Expert House Movers be the last line of defense between saving these magnificent structures or watching them topple into the ocean. The light houses that have been entrusted to Expert House Movers for safe and successful relocation are the South East Lighthouse in Block Island, RI in 1993; the Nauset and Highland Lighthouses on Cape Cod, MA in 1996, the tallest unsupported masonry light house in the world; the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, NC in 1999 and the Sankaty Lighthouse in Nantucket, MA in 2007.

Historic preservation comes in many shapes and sizes and most are not on the scale of a 4,000 ton light house or a high-profile residence like that of Daniel Boone. Most of the job opportunities that come along are like the old house that has been in your family for generations, the neighbor that is going to tear down the old barn to put up a new garage or the brick Victorian off the highway that you’ve always admired, slated for demolition to make way for another pharmacy. We love old structures and have a soft spot, especially for two and three whole outhouses, so no matter the size job it’s worth a call!

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